International Day 2018

On the 31st of October, we had a quite different day at school. This day was the International Day, which is arranged in cooperation with Operation Daywork. International Day takes place all over Norway every year and is an event where we highlight international problems, whereas Operations Daywork, the students give one day of their education to support this crisis.  This year we showed our support to the troubling youths in Palestine.

On the International Day, different refugees visited our school to talk about their journey and experiences form Palestine. We didn´t have to much time visiting everyone, but I had the opportunity to talk to three of them. All of them had a different story and view of the crisis. The one I liked the most was Karrar Al-Azzawi. He was reflected upon the crisis and even came with different solutions on how to solve it. He even had the ability to show us pictures and short films from when he was on the move, this made me even more interested and made me think more about how good we actually have it here in Norway.

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